Weddings in San Miguel De Allende

Get married in San Miguel de Allende



Beautiful settings make for beautiful weddings and historic, romantic San Miguel de Allende dazzles every season with its Spanish Colonial splendor, cobblestoned streets, perfect weather, rich cultural life and blossoming culinary scene.  Located about three hours north of Mexico City, this prosperous storybook city is filled with 17th- and 18th-century buildings that are so well preserved that it was named a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2008.  It’s safe, easy to get around in on foot (you won’t need to rent a car) and has an infrastructure for weddings that guarantees ease, success and a dreamy and sophisticated beauty your guests will talk about for years 


One especially charming and memorable San Miguel wedding tradition is the Callejoneada – a parade that is like a New Orleans second line, but instead of a brass band there is a Mexican banda de viento or mariachi band; and instead of twirling parasols there are giant papier-mâché bride and groom puppets and an adorable donkey adorned in white flowers that pulls tequila in a cart.  Celebrants fill up little ceramic shot glass necklaces as the parade, led by the bride and groom, winds through the streets.  Fabulous fireworks are another festive touch at most San Miguel weddings.

As with most cities in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is centered around the main square. Known as El Jardin, this tree-lined plaza is surrounded by gorgeous buildings such as the parish church of San Miguel. Hanging out here easily tops the list of things to do in San Miguel de Allende.

Here you can find Hotels and Haciendas that have large gardens that can accommodate many guests, and colonial courtyards, perfect scenarios for a wedding and for the photo shoot of your wedding in Mexico.

The square is bustling with activity in the evenings and at the weekend. You’ll see roaming mariachi bands, balloon salesmen, and plenty of snack vendors, making for a very lively scene. If you ever get lost wandering the winding streets, just find your way back to the square and start all over again.

San Miguel de Allende looks amazing at street level, but it looks even better from above. Thankfully it’s not too difficult to get a fantastic panoramic view of the city. It’s only about a 15-20 minute walk from the plaza up to the viewpoint, which is known as El Mirador.