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How much does a wedding in Cabo cost?

The cost of a Cabo San Lucas wedding averages around $25,000-$120,000 for a destination wedding, but it varies depending on the specifics.

Is a wedding planner needed for Los Cabo weddings?
Yes, we highly recommended hiring a destination wedding planner for a stress-free and successful Cabo wedding experience.
What is the best month to get married in Los Cabos?
November-April is ideal, with December being the most popular month for Los Cabos weddings due to the pleasant weather.
What should be the budget for a destination wedding planner?
Typically, a wedding planner should cost around 10-20% of your total wedding budget, depending on the services required.
Can US citizens get married in Cabo?
Yes, US citizens can legally marry in Cabo by obtaining a marriage license and following the required procedures, which are relatively straightforward, we can help you to do this process.
What should the bride pay for a destination wedding?
The bride and groom should cover the majority of the expenses, including travel, accommodations, and wedding attire.
Do couples pay for guests at a destination wedding?
It is not expected, but couples may choose to cover certain expenses or arrange group rates for guests we can help you plan activities for your friends and family.
Why are destination weddings more expensive?
Destination weddings involve travel, accommodations, and additional planning, which can add up quickly and increase overall costs.
Do parents pay for destination weddings?
Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for the wedding, but couples may choose to split the costs or pay for it themselves.
How long do guests stay at a destination wedding?
It varies, but most guests stay for 2-4 days to attend the wedding festivities and explore the destination.