Leoán G. is a super outgoing, loving, passionate woman, always looking for the opportunity to share and serve. 


She was born in Mexico City and upon finishing the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and specializing in Planning, Organization and Management of Tourism Investment Projects, in 1999, she decided to emigrate to Cabo San Lucas where it was said that only great tourism arrived. 


During her professional training, she collaborated on different projects at the regional level, as well as at the national level, such as Market Studies in famous restaurants in Mexico City, The Ecotourism project of Mariposa Monarca in Cerro Pelón, Mich.; and the Ecotourism Project of San Miguel Regla, Hugo, among others … 


She has collaborated in different companies within the tourist environment such as American Airlines, different hotels, and restaurants until she stopped and in 2004, she is romantic and dreamy as she is, she chose to dedicate herself to the world of weddings and romance. 


She belonged to the first wedding agency in Los Cabos and had the opportunity to learn and train with great wedding planners. Some years later she decided to create her own company, thus starting Bridal Dreams México. 


Since then, she has trained through diplomas and certificates in different International Associations, such as the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), Instituto Iberoamericano Event Planner (INIBEP), International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals (IADWP) 


To date, it has assisted more than 350 couples to create the wedding of their dreams, fulfilling even what seemed impossible, in absolute harmony and allowing them to enjoy the entire planning process, exceeding their expectations, managing to connect in a way that generates a great friendship. 




Our Wedding Planner Certifications

We are a top rated wedding planner agency in Mexico. We have all the certifications that we need to make your special day unforgettable

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