If you’re dreaming of saying “I do” with the stunning beaches of Cabo as your backdrop, you’re not alone. Cabo is a top choice for couples wanting a magical destination wedding. But figuring out the best time to get married here can make all the difference. Let’s dive into when you should plan your big day in this paradise.

3 Reason Why Cabo San Lucas is a Perfect Wedding Destination

1.- Scenic Beauty

Cabo’s natural beauty is off the charts. Think golden beaches, clear blue waters, and breathtaking sunsets. It’s like Mother Nature herself is crafting your wedding photos.

2.- Weather and Climate

Cabo’s climate is pretty awesome all year round, but knowing the seasonal variations can help you pick the perfect date.

3.- Accessibility

Flights to Cabo are easy to find from many major cities, making it a breeze for your guests to join you in paradise.

Best Months to Get Married in Cabo

Ideal Weather Conditions

The best time for perfect weather in Cabo is from November to April. You’ll get sunny skies and comfortable temperatures, making outdoor weddings unforgettable.

Off-Peak Seasons

May-June and September-October are quieter in Cabo. You still get great weather but with fewer tourists, which can mean more intimate vibes and sometimes better deals.

Popular Months for Weddings in Los Cabos

March, April, and November are top picks. These months combine great weather with the availability of venues and vendors.

Quick Seasonal Guide to Weddings in Cabo: Pros and Cons

Winter Weddings (December – February)

  • Pros: Pleasantly cool weather, fewer crowds.
  • Cons: Holiday season can hike up prices.

Spring Weddings (March – May)

  • Pros: Fantastic weather, everything in bloom.
  • Cons: Spring break can bring in more tourists.

Summer Weddings (June – August)

  • Pros: Off-peak rates, quieter venues.
  • Cons: Hotter temperatures and potential for hurricanes.

Fall Weddings (September – November)

  • Pros: Beautiful post-hurricane season weather, lower prices.
  • Cons: Risk of hurricanes in early fall.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Married in Cabo

1. Legal Requirements

To get hitched in Cabo, you’ll need:

  • A marriage license.
  • Documents like passports and birth certificates.
  • Blood tests done in Mexico.
  • Four witnesses.
  • Translated and apostille documents.

2. Budget Considerations

Weddings in Cabo can range widely in cost. Anticipate starting costs of approximately $30,000, with the total amount increasing depending on your unique wedding requirements.

3. Choosing the Right Venue

From beaches to luxury resorts, Cabo has it all. Whether you want a laid-back beach wedding or a posh resort affair, there’s a venue for you.

4. Working with Local Vendors

Local vendors know the ins and outs of Cabo. They can help make your wedding smooth and stress-free.


Picking the best time to get married in Cabo boils down to your personal preferences and budget. Each season offers something unique, so think about what fits your dream wedding.

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